Your Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Car

Your big day is finally here! You’ve got the dress, the cake and the venue. But most brides often overlook the most important part of their wedding – the bridal car. Your wedding car is one of the most important visual aspects of your big day, second to your wedding dress. Scoring the right car is the key to arriving at your venue in style. Here’s how to make an entrance with your wedding car!

1. Consider your wedding dress

An important consideration when choosing your wedding car is your wedding dress. Make sure to choose a car that can colour-match your dress. Wedding cars often double up as a significant piece in the backdrop of your photos, so you definitely don’t want a mismatched car that will stick out like a sore thumb!
If you are going for a big dress, ensure that you are able to get in and out of your wedding car comfortably. Remember, photographers and videographers are going to be there to capture this happy moment, you want to look effortlessly fabulous.
Likewise, if you’re going for a long and slender dress, this may restrict your leg movements when entering the car, so opt for a car with a lower ride height.

2. Reflecting Your Personality Through Your Car

The type of car you choose on your big day says a lot about you and your significant other. So aim to match the style of your wedding with this vital statement piece. Here are some popular car models that would best match your personality types:

For the vintage with eclectic nostalgia: Vintage 2-tone 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

For the classic and bold: White Audi A5

For the minimalist at heart: White Mercedes C200 AMG

For the adventurous & foolhardy: Red Mercedes C180 AMG

For the trendsetter looking to make a statement: Black Jaguar XF

3. Don’t Burst Your Budget

Most rental companies charge by the hour, so make sure to get a block-booking rental rate. There are also hidden costs when renting a wedding car. Here’s a quick checklist to make sure you are getting the best deal out of your wedding car:
For a full day wedding, it is recommended to get a 10-hour rental. For half day wedding, an 8-hour rental.
Is decorating cost included?
Are drivers included?
Is the parking & petrol cost included?

4. When To Book Your Wedding Car

You only have one wedding day, so if you’ve got your heart set on a car, it is imperative that you book it right after choosing your venue to avoid disappointment. Wedding car companies get booked up very quickly on popular wedding dates. This timeline becomes even shorter when it comes to luxury car models or vintage cars.

5. Rent From A Reputable Company

Your wedding day is here. You’re en route to the venue when suddenly, the tyre blows and your biggest fear comes true. Your guests are all waiting at the venue but you are helplessly stranded. This is exactly what the founder of Perfect Wedding Cars SG went through on the day of his wedding. Luckily for him, his friend came to his rescue and they managed to arrive at the venue with minimal disruption to their schedule. A few months later, both friends launched Perfect Wedding Cars SG, an established and reputable business dedicated to providing high class wedding car hire at very affordable prices.
This dedicated duo understands first-hand, the stress of dealing with a wedding car breakdown. Perfect Wedding Cars SG prides itself on ensuring all wedding cars go through maintenance before your big day, and in case of breakdowns, there is a replacement car on standby to minimize any delays.
Perfect Wedding Cars SG feature a stunning collection of continental & vintage vehicles. Each car has been carefully curated to fully suit the needs of the Bride on her big day. Couples can view their comprehensive catalogue on their website for the full range of cars available along with the prices.

The team behind Perfect Wedding Cars SG are very responsive, and they will be happy to answer any questions and advise you through the planning process for your big day!

All bookings with Perfect Wedding Cars SG include:

Inclusive of drivers
Inclusive of 1-hour bridal car decoration the day before the wedding
Inclusive of parking, petrol & chauffeur
Cars will go through mandatory maintenance prior to your big day
Replacement cars on standby in the event of breakdowns

Perfect Wedding Cars SG LLP

Covering all areas within Singapore.
Contact us at: 8571-5578 or 9027-3123

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