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Terms And Conditions

  • Driver is to be available and turn up at all committed date of wedding/transport services
  • Should there be any changes, the above driver is to inform PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP at least 2 weeks prior to stipulated date
  • All packages are inclusive of parking, petrol and ERP charges
  • Any accident claims is solely liable to car owners only
  • Driver is to be available for preparation of bridal car (decoration) according to customer’s timeline
  • In the event of any termination of agreement from either party, all drivers are still responsible to fulfill any services agreed before any indication of ceasing the agreement


  1. Driver is to report 15 minutes earlier prior to pick up timing at designated location
  2. Driver needs to be properly attired, either smart or smart casual
  3. Driver has to be well-mannered at all times
  4. Driver is not allow to text nor call while driving
  5. Driver is to obey all traffic rules and regulations at all time
  6. Driver is to solely liable for all fines and demerit points inquired during time of service
  7. Driver is to ensure that flower decoration for the car is in same condition as deco day at all times till end of service
  8. Driver is NOT ALLOWED to travel OVERSEAS or DRINK ALCOHOL the day before actual wedding date
  9. Driver need to inform PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG in the event that he/she is not able to provide service on actual day 2 hours in advance.
  10. Smoking is not allowed at all times in front of client unless approved by client
  11. Driver is to inform PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP upon arrival at destination and end of service
  12. Driver need to make the sure that his/her car is in good condition and is able to provide wedding chauffeured services.
  13. If any of the above is not fulfilled, the above driver is to compensate PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP the FULL price of confirmed booking committed within 30 days from terminated date.
  14. PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP reserves the right to change the above driver at any point in time if any of the requirements stated above is not met
  15. PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP can terminate the contract at any point in time with NO COMPENSATION given to the above driver if he/she violates any of the above and the FULL initial booking fee will be recovered from him/her.
  16. PERFECT WEDDING CAR SG LLP will not liable for any damages to driver’s car.
  17. The above Driver is to be solely responsible and liable for any mishaps during the time of service for himself and customers/ passengers.

Income Tax

  1. Driver is solely responsible for their own income tax filing.


  1. During the agreement of contract, either party (driver or company), may terminate contract upon completion of ALL committed
  2. Company reserves the rights to the terminate employment with immediate effect in any case of misconduct or behavior, or undermine the integrity or professionalism of the company.

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